Friday, August 24, 2012

Chapter Twentytwo.

Connery leans forward, blood ripping from his mouth and chest. He reaches in his coat and pulls out a black leather glove and a red orchid. He pulls the glove over my hand and places the orchid delicately in my shirt pocket.

'For my lovechild, Laquisha,' he slurs. 'Find her before Norris!'.

With that, he shoves the at the controls of the seadoo as he jumps off to take on Norris' goons in a suicidal attempt to buy me some getaway time. He lunged into the boat with Norris and kicked off his motor which sank. I roar off, looking back only to witness Norris decapitate Connery with a karate chop to his neck. Things are getting outta hand.

I cut the engines and glide quietly to a small island in the middle of a larger lake the bayou drains into. Not a soul for miles. I park the seadoo and set up a tent. No fire, as I don't want to attract attention. I examine the orchid when I hear Norris and his men sail by the island. Several bright floodlights sweeping everywhere, searching. They scan for minutes. I remain still, close my eyes.

'He's not here, boss!' calls out a voice. 'Continue the search of the other islands and the shores!' barks Norris. I breathe a sigh of relief as I hear them sail off. I stand, and begin to look around the island. Its quite small, roughly the size of a hockey rink. I start looking for anything that might be useful. I reach the other side and notice that the ground seems quite solid for wet grass and mud. I jump on it and feel a thud. After pushing some muck aside, I see what appears to be wooden planks. I grab a small log and begin hitting the wooden floor. On my sixth strike, the planks give way and I fall down some old shaft.

I'm able to break my fall by rolling as I hit the ground. I stand up and light a match. The cavern is enormous with ancient native paintings on the walls. And trolley track. Its an old diamond mine! I follow the tracks, finding and lighting a torch along the way. I see a faint light in the darkness of the tunnel.
And begin to hear... music!

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