Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chapter Eighteen.

I watch with great intensity as the ninja hamster scribbles away. He then shows me the Etch-a-sketch, which now shows map directions to the old woman's house by the bayou. Apparently this little bugger had taken an oath of silence and has to resort to other means of communication. When I asked him why he murdered his comrade, he quickly draws me a picture of a camel being pounded in the ass with a banana by Goofy on a sailboat.

Anyways... I take the map and proceed down to the bayou. And just as was explained to me, there it was. A small log cabin in the bayou. In the middle of the bayou. So now I need a boat. After searching along the shore line I come across and empty unchained canoe. I jump in an start paddling towards the cabin. As I get closer to the cabin, it becomes clear to me why the canoe was unchained on the shore; there are several tears under the seams causing it to sink. I try not to panic despite going down faster than MJ on a 10 year-old. I paddle faster, but it becomes obvious that I'm going to sink before I reach the cabin.

I swim out into the dark green, murky bayou and the canoe silently slips beneath the surface. I reach the cabin and climb up the posts and onto the dock. Then I realize that I left the goddamn Etch-a-sketch on the canoe. Add to that, the shore is far too long for me to swim back. I'm stranded. Frustrated, I knock on the cabin door. No reply. I knock harder. Still all quiet. I raise my foot to kick it in, only to have the door swing open by itself. I walk into the darkness of the cabin. The door of course closes behind me.

'I've been expecting you.' whispers a voice.

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