Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chapter Sixteen.

Ignoring the radio, I pop in an ABBA cd I found on the floor of the truck. While jamming, the fox informs me that he needs to be dropped off by the abandoned-looking post office. By the looks of it, the place has been empty for quite some time. The most recent newspaper I see on the sidewalk dates 2 years ago.

Without uttering another word, the fox dashes off into the building. I follow down the main street and park the truck in front of a St.Hubert restaurant. Oddly enough... the coleslaw is still good. After rummaging through the kitchen, I run into a fully sentient Mr.Potato Head. He's badly malnourished and slightly insane. Clearly whatever has happened in this town took a real toll on him. In-between his hysterical ramblings, he mentions an ancient text and something about needing to find a blue orchid. When I tell him that I just don't understand him, he exclaims 'Tabernack!' and throws himself into the nearby deep fryer.

Perplexed, I leave the restaurant and make my way down the street. All of the sudden I feel extremely drowsy and begin losing my balance and orientation. I fall to the ground out cold. That's when I realize that the skittles the Dane gave me were laced with a date rape drug! When I open my eyes, the harry potter girl is sitting beside me. I immediately tear off my pants and lunge at her, but she stops me, saying that she is just a figment of my imagination and that I'm still unconscious.

Still ignoring her, I pin her to the ground. That's when she utters a spell which freezes me so I have little choice but to listen. She tells me that there is and old woman living by the bayou who has a text I must locate. She tries telling me something else, but then I'm awakened by a bucket of ice water splashing on me. When I sit up, I'm surrounded by a group of Russian hamster ninjas holding my gun and car keys.

They have questions...

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