Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter Nineteen.

You feel something crawling up your right leg and you welcome the sensation, just hoping it will be gentle when it reaches higher grounds. To your disappointment the crawling stops and fades away like a distant memory. Your eyes tries to get used to the darkness but somehow they do not manage to do that.
'Don't try to see where you are, my spells have made it impossible to actually see anything in here.'
Unable to see, you decide to use your other senses and swing your hands in front of you and in true anime fashion you grab on to the two big cushiony thingies in front of you.
'Please don't do that' the voice disgruntedly murmurs, as you feel a steel capped boot redecorating your family jewels.
In true pain you fall to the floor, hitting your knees on something spiky and landing forehead first into something that does not feel completely different from moose porridge.
'I understand now that you are no friend of darkness.'
With a loud POOF the inside of the cabin lights up like a dirty old store santa the weeks before christmas...

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