Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chapter Seventeen.

Since Russian Hamster Ninjas are sworn to silence and deadliness, they start charading their inquiry. Tip toeing on their little ninja feet, flailing wildly with their katanas and throwing shurikens into the air among other erratic and stupendous movements and poses.

When they are done they all completely halt and look at you. One Russian Ninja Hamster falls to the ground, then another and then a third... until there are only two Russian Ninja Hamsters left standing. It turns out the flailing of katanas and throwing of shurikens was not a very well thought out plan since it ended in almost total Russian Ninja Hamster extinction.

The tubbier of the two hamsters walks up to you and whispers into your ear.
- Hermionemma is waiting for you... you must prepare yourself. And we can help you. Watch out for the old lady by the bayou, bring the texts to us and we will...

The rest of the tubby Russian Hamster Ninja's words is muffled by the blood that he drools into your ear. You notice the meat-cleaver lodged into the neck of the Russian Hamster Ninja, and the Russian Hamster Ninja behind it (which is taller, and have the same pattern as a milk cow) shuts an imaginary zipper over his two kind of slanted front teeth while looking rather menacing.

He then takes out an Etch-a-Sketch and starts drawing something...

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