Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter Seven, Eight and Nine.

Chapter Seven.

And somewhere, a jumbotron is booting up...

The fight is ferocious and very drawn out, You estimate that it must have cost the FX department at least a few million canadian dollars.
When it is all over and the last little squirrel head hits the ground, the rain starts pouring. It's just you, your dinner, a remote and a Segway...

Chapter Eight.

I throw my dinner on the Segway and floor it towards the jumbotron. Toss her on stage and press the firey red button on the remote, which causes it to morph like a transformer into an acoustic guitar. I then proceed to rock out as hard as I can while the rain floods the moshpit of squirrels away.

Chapter Nine.

Left to observe you rocking out is a newly arrived five foot squirrel in a bathrobe and a naked Dane. They look very affectionate.
Next to you is a zamboni with the motor running. The air smells of navel lint bread.

Suddenly something hits you in the back of your head... somebody have thrown a bag of skittles at you, but you fail to see the thrower anywhere.

To be continued...

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