Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chapter Twelve.

I stand momentarily at the fork in the road, remembering the age-old adage that only the just follow the right hand of God. So of course I take the left road. I watch as the last few man-squirrels and naked Dane disappear over the hills behind me and I continue on my way. After roughly two hours of walking, I come across a pickup truck with the keys in it on the shoulder of the road. I immediately take possesion of the vehicle, as there is nobody for miles. As I drive along, about 20 minutes down the road it starts to get dark and the road goes deeper into the forest.

It is here that I come across a giant panda in glasses on the side of the road selling lemonade. I ask the creature where this road leads. He introduces himself as the Cheshire Panda, and the road I am on leads everywhere. He tells me a cryptic messagge: 'Inside outside, near and far, to go forth is to be a star'. He then pulls out a Glock 9mm and blows his brains out. After a moment of shock, I quickly drink up his lemonade and continue down the road.

I then come across what appears to be a stalled car ahead of me with two occupants still in it...

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