Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chapter Ten and Eleven.

Chapter Ten.

I immediately pick up the bag of skittles and throw it back in the direction it came from. I then climb into the zamboni and try to hold my breath. I floor it at 35km/hr towards the 5 foot squirrel while tossing the naked Dane into the back of the zamboni as we make our escape..

Chapter Eleven.

All the ice in what apparently was an ice hockey rink all along makes the Zamboni difficult to handle (Who could have guessed?) and the squirrel has no problem jumping out of the way while you, the zamboni and the naked dane crash through the nearest wall.
After what feels like a 30 foot drop you find yourself on a highway bridge. Strangely enough there are no other vehicles but a crowd of man sized squirrels are running in the opposite direction in chaotic terror, it is like they are fleeing from something located where you are headed. You finally get off the bridge and come up to a fork in the road.

To be continued...

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