Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chapter Thirteen.

The hood of the car is opened and there is thick yellow smoke rising to the sky, originating from the engine. As you approach the driver seat's side window you notice that the two characters in the car are nothing but jointed mannequins, much like human sized he-man figures. The one in the driver seat even has the blond eighties hair and is wearing a fur thong.

The second mannequin suddenly starts speaking in a strange, ancient language that you after a while realize is nothing but quebecois. With your limited knowledge of this "language" you decipher the meaning of the words but are still none the wiser of the context.

"Turtles and ham, pandas and spam, give me a dollar and I will bathe in yam"
You then marvel over the fact that you managed to make the translation rhyme while the original ramblings did not at all.

The both mannequins heads turns to face you with their red eyes, and somewhere in the distance... you hear a bag of skittles...

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