Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter Fourteen and Fifteen.

Chapter Fourteen.
I quickly spin around and see a Dane wearing layers of squirrel-skin pelts holding a bag of skittles and -saying nothing- holds the bag out to me as an offering. I grab a handful of the sugery pellets and down them in a single gulp. The Dane looks quite pleased and lumbers off into the woods and disappears from sight.

I then proceed back to the stalled car and take inventory of it's contents. There is a mickey mouse watch and a DS with no cartridge lying on the dashboard. I take these and get back in my truck. I go around the car and continue along my way. It's not long until I come across an anthropic fox wearing a Superman costume. It kindly asks me to take him into town, which I agree to do.

About 40 minutes later we pass by a city limit sign reading 'Welcome to Rolland Falls! Home of the flying pancakes! Population: 5000'.

Chapter Fifteen.

The streets of Rolland falls is ominously empty, apart from a tumbling tumbleweed and a stray cat licking it's crotch with great intensity. The radio of the truck suddenly turns on by itself. Among the white noise you can hear something talking, that sounds like a pancake in great pain and distress.
"Turn around while you still can... the great *CRACK* *SCRAMBLE* spares noone... turn around if your rear is dear to you"

To be continued...

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